Bad Boys: Miami Takedown, also known as Bad Boys II in Europe, is a video game released in 2004 based on the action-comedy movie Bad Boys II.

It was released in early 2004 after the film's DVD release.

The player takes the role of Miami Police Department detectives Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey over alternating levels, meaning that the player plays level 1 with one character, plays level 2 with the other, then plays level 3 with the first, and so on.

The game contains five acts, each containing several levels.

The game starts with a deal taking place between the game's villains.

A drug lord known as Tulio Mendoza is infuriated after being ripped off by a Russian businessman named Akimov. Meanwhile, two TNT agents, Ray Jackson and his partner, Lee-Ann Reid, are going to a diner. While sitting at the counter, the car explodes with Jackson inside and Reid is captured by a gang known as the Baby Demons.

Burnett and Lowrey are sent by Captain Howard to rescue the surviving agent and take out the Baby Demons gang.

They succeed in rescuing Reid, though not much to Burnett's surprise, who happens to have history with her.

Later, the duo are sent to an abandoned house being used as the Baby Demons' hideout, and they soon find the leader: Bossu Williams.

Burnett engages the gang leader in a shootout, who later escapes.

Tatiyana Savin, Akimov's assistant, attempts to get Bossu involved with Mendoza in exchange for Baby Demon territory.

Then, the Baby Demons rob a bank, and Lowrey and Burnett are sent to suppress them.

Afterwards, Tatiyana takes advantage of the bank robbery and attempts to escape, but crashes her car.

She then attempts to escape on foot through the Miami alleyways as Lowrey and Burnett give chase, fighting their way through the remaining Baby Demons gangsters, and eventually find themselves up against the Russian Mafia, who have arrived to cover Tatiyana's escape.

The two split up; Burnett going through the Little M's restaurant, and Lowrey going up to the roof.